Biography David Oistrakh

David Oistrakh is considered the premiere violinist of the mid-twentieth century Soviet Union. His recorded legacy includes nearly the entire standard violin repertory up to and including Prokofiev and Bartok. In year 2008 it is going to be 100 years sinse he was born. Exept for beeing a fantastic violinist he was a gifted teacher, great conductor and a wonderful viola-player.

Oistrakh - born musician with exceptional natural talent. Can a normal kid to stop their antics from the fact that he threatened not to go with my mother in the theater and did not hear the orchestra, the sound is literally fascinated?

"I was three and a half years old when my father brought home a toy fiddle," playing "with which I am very happy fancies himself a street musician... I thought not and could not be happier than go from house to house with a violin ".

Dream come true pretty soon. Touring journey Oistrakh - concerts soloist, began when he was barely 16 years old. His first and only music teacher called David F. eminent violin teacher - Peter Stolyarsky, creator of the famous schools - this factory talents. The teacher, in turn, recalled that his best pupil "with childhood showed exceptionally brilliant and almost breakneck speed along the road of mastering a difficult violin playing".

"When I think of myself in those years, it seems to me that I was playing quite freely and fluently, tonally pure. But there is still have many years of hard work over the sound, rhythm and dynamics. of course, most importantly, a deep comprehension of the inner content ".

Then there was a landmark meeting with Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov, and the invitation to speak in Leningrad. And finally - moving to Moscow, where he was to gain prestige, the name. The great creative will, desire and ability to work, a thirst for self-improvement led him to a brilliant victory in the competition named Eugene Ysaye in Brussels. Hence, in 1937, the international fame Oistrakh. Then the news spread around the world about the "appearance of violinist worldwide".

Oistrakh in Moscow he was in classes most prominent professors of the Moscow Conservatory Violin - Lev Zeitlin, Abram Yampolsky and Constantine Mostras, listening to a set of Soviet and foreign artists, but to learn from everyone, he wrote in his motion to the heights of artistic maturity was obliged to myself itself.

Technical difficulties for Oistrakh did not exist, while no one remembers that he was rehearsing for 25 hours a day. His violin repertoire was enormous, but he gave preference to large canvases - a concert of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Sibelius, Glazunov and Shostakovich. This was a choice rather than a virtuoso, as artist-philosopher. His creative thought gave birth to all new and new interpretations of works, play with it countless times. Not by accident, as recognized by the Oistrakh, he did not like to listen to their records, so that they allowed him to move forward. With particular force and a powerful intellect temper included when Oistrakh had to play the premiere of a new, modern works. For it was written, you can say "library" of works, crowned with such masterpieces as the sonata by Prokofiev, concerts of Shostakovich and Aram Khachaturian.

Never - even in childhood - Oistrakh no one to emulate. And this despite the fact that at that time with him on the international musical Olympus was Fritz Kreisler, Jascha Heifitz, Yehudi Menuhin, Joseph Szigeti, George Enescu, Isaac Stern, Myron Polyakin and many others.

60 years, he never let go of the hands of the violin, has traveled throughout Europe and North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, has performed with leading orchestras in the world, and most eminent of his colleagues gave him the palm. "On stage, Oistrakh impression of the Colossus - wrote an outstanding American violinist Isaac Stern. - He stands firm on the ground, he proudly holds a fiddle, he creates music, pouring in an endless stream of beauty and elegance".