Competition 2013 / Sofia Devutskaya

Sofia Devutskaya

Born: Born on 23th of October, 1998 in Voronezh
Schools: Music College in Voronezh
Teacher: Tatyana Timoshenko
3rd prize: International Michael Erdenko competition in Belgorod (2013) Laureate of the national competitions
I round: N. Paganini. Caprice No. 3, op. 1 J.S. Bach. Partita No. 2 E-dur, BWV 1006, Prelude and Loure
II round: H. Vieuxtemps. Concerto No. 5 a-moll, op. 37 F. Schubert – F. Liszt. Waltz-caprice. Transcription for violin and piano by David Oistrakh
III round: W.A. Mozart. Concerto No. 3 G-dur, KV 216

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